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Our Company Benefits
Your employees' single source for information on their benefits

What does it include?
Medical, Dental, 401 (k), LTD--and benefits (summaries and details including employee handbooks, periodic memos, etc.)--all sit in one place for your employees, accessible from this site and from your company's intranet.

What is the value of OCB to the employee?
Imagine an employee breaks his crown over the weekend. He wants to know if replacing his crown is going to be covered by his benefits. He can't really remember any of the details of his benefits since he's never really accessed them before, so he goes on-line from home and accesses Our Company Benefits. There he finds out that the crown is, indeed, covered and he is also given information that provides him the best way to contact his carrier to make a last minute confirmation with the Insurance Provider.
This information is crucial to an employee's health--information accessible at any time.

What is the value of OCB to the company?
-WE ENTER ALL DATA ONTO THE SITE FOR YOU. You only have to provide us with the information you would like to display.

-Reduces your Human Resource Department's time spent retrieving information from insurance providers and brokers.

-Reduces time and resources spent faxing/e-mailing/printing documents for each individual of the company.

-Reduces communication time wasted between HR and employees--